The following web sites are included for informational purposes only. The Oregon State Bar does not endorse the views expressed therein and cannot be responsible for the information on the sites.

Topical Sites

American Antitrust Institute. Advocacy group with pro-enforcement slant. Guide to internet resources is one of the most comprehensive available, with thorough annotations.

AAI Main Site

Resource Sites

ABA Antitrust Section. The resource list is strong on links to the sites of international agencies with antitrust responsibilities.

ABA Antitrust Law Section

ABA Antitrust Law Section Resource List

The Antitrust Magazine. Free online monthly magazine published by the ABA Antitrust Section. Good place to publish short articles of interest to the antitrust bar. Also includes a decent annotated set of links to antitrust resources online.

ABA Antitrust Magazine

Cornell University Legal Information Institute’s Antitrust Information. Well maintained legal research site offers easy access to the major antitrust statutes. Also a selection of cases and other resources on topic.

Cornell LII Antitrust

Findlaw Antitrust Articles List. Findlaw’s links to online articles on antitrust related topics. Most are published on law firm sites. See also Findlaw’s main antitrust page and Richard Steuer’s Executive Summary (a top-level introduction and overview). Findlaw is now owned by the publishers of Westlaw.

Findlaw Antitrust Articles

Agency Sites

United States Department of Justice. Includes press releases from DOJ’s Antitrust Division and filings in recent cases.

US Department of Justice Website

US DOJ: Antitrust Division

Federal Trade Commission. Advisory Opinions, actions, press releases, etc. The FTC’s site has a lot of useful information and informal guidance about non-antitrust trade regulation issues.

Federal Trade Commission Website

FTC:  Bureau of Competition

National Association of Attorneys General Antitrust Page. Good source for information and filings in multistate actions such as tobacco, Microsoft, etc. Also includes a contact list for all state AG’s.

NAAG Antitrust Webpage

Oregon Department Of Justice. Enforces state and federal antitrust and trade regulation laws on behalf of the citizens of Oregon.

Oregon DOJ Main Page

Oregon DOJ Consumer Protection Website